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Date: 2024-05-20


 Content III.

SAP System Administrator (Oracle DB)

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SAP Basis Training (Oracle DB III) 

10 Days

Course Description:

•    SAP NetWeaver AS DB Operation (Oracle)
o    Database Overview
o    Reviewing Database Architecture
o    Connecting to the Database
o    Using Database Administration Tools
o    Administrating Oracle Instances
•    Backup, Restore and Recovery
o    Reviewing a Backup Strategy
o    Reviewing Backup Tools
o    Performing Backups
o    Performing Restore and Recovery
o    Working with Advanced Backup Techniques
•    Monitors and Tools
o    Introducing Oracle Data Management
o    Managing Database System Check
o    Explaining CCMS Alert Monitor
•    Space Management
o    Administrating "Table Spaces."
o    Performing Reorganization of Tables
o    Housekeeping and Troubleshooting
•    Oracle Cache Management
o    Introducing Oracle System Global Area
o    Introducing Automatic Oracle Program Global Area (PGA)
•    Monitoring of the Database Instance
o    Using the DBA Cockpit to Monitor the Database
o    Understanding the DBA Cockpit support of Oracle database features
•    Application Design Analysis
o    Understanding the Impact of Expensive SQL Statements
o    Using SM50/SM66 to Find Expensive SQL Statements
o    Using ST03/STAD to Find Expensive SQL Statements o Using ST04 to Find Expensive SQL Statements
o    Using SQL Trace to Find Expensive SQL Statements
o    Monitoring Exclusive Lock Waits
•    Index Management and Optimization
o    Utilizing Indexes
o    Creating an Index
•    Cost-Based Optimizer
o    Updating Statistics
o    Detecting problems with Optimizer statistics
•    Analysis of Physical and Logical Layout
o    De-fragmenting Indexes
o    Working with I/O Contention
•    Memory Configuration Analysis
o    Describing Data Buffer Utilization
o    Analyzing Efficiency of Shared Pool
o    Monitoring the Automatic Program Global Area (PGA)
•    Wait Interface and Automatic Workload Repository
o    Observing Oracle Wait Interface
•    Reviewing Automatic Workload Repository and Histories

Delivery Method:

Classroom: Each class has a certified SAP® instructor with experience in life cycle implementations for global enterprises.  Each course will be in a computer-equipped classroom allowing participants to work through real-life business situations using the SAP ERP system and explore the interaction among the different business processes giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.  The daytime classes consist of four days of SAP functional lecture and one project day (realizing a real business case study).

Course Length: 

10 Days

Upon Completion: SAP System Administrator (SAP Basis Oracle DB) Certificate




Virtual/Online Lectures


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