SAP System Navigation and Overview

SAP Classroom Training
Date: 2019-02-05 - 2019-12-27

SAP System Overview and Navigation (HR050)

End User Training, 5 Days

Course No.   I4IT_SAP-SS-01


·         You will gain an understanding of SAP ERP Human Capital Management functionality and be able to outline the major functional areas.

·         You will be able to explain HCM Structures including Personnel and Organizational as well as HCM Business Processes.

·         At the end of this course, you will be able to explain HCM processes and the integration within HCM and other solutions.

·         At the end of the course, participants will understand HCM functionality and the integration available.

·         You will gain this knowledge through lecture, demonstrations and the completion of exercises.


·         Project Leaders

·         Project Team Members

·         HCM Consultants

In Person Classroom Cost: $1,500

Reference Book: Using SAP: A Guide for Beginners and End Users

Duration: 5 Days





Unit Objectives: After completing this lesson, you will be able to understand and perform:

·         SAP AG Organization

·         Explain and Design SAP Business Processes

·         Logon to SAP System

·         Navigate SAP ERP System

·         Execute Business Transactions

·         Understand, Explain and Execute SAP tcodes PA30, PA40, PA10, PA20, PA70,...etc.

·         Understand, Explain and Run SAP Standard Reports

·         Perform SAP Personnel Clerk Role (End User)

·         Perform SAP Reporting Clerk Role (End User)

·         Performa SAP Recruiter Role (End User)


·         The course discusses the set-up of HR personnel and organizational structures.

·         This course introduces methods of maintaining employee data including personnel actions and infotypes.

·         Various methods of maintaining time data is reviewed.

·         Performance Management, Talent Management and Personnel Development activities are explained.

·         This course introduces Enterprise Compensation Management including job pricing, budget functions, administration and Long Term Incentive.

·         SAP E-Recruiting is discussed including requisitions and external applications.

·         Employee Self Service and Manager Self-service using an Enterprise Portal and SAP NetWeaver Business client are discussed. 

















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