SAP Service Support

SAP Service Support Delivery Model

I4ITSolutions is more than just an SAP Service organization. We see ourselves as a complete SAP Software Solutions partner for businesses. But what exactly are the types of Support Solutions that we provide?
•    24x7 Service and Support for SAP Software
•    SAP HRIS System Configuration and Customization Support
•    SAP System Security Support (Redesign and Reingenieer)
•    SAP User Access and Authorization Support
•    SAP SOD/SOX and Security Audit
•    Operational Support (In-house Consulting)
•    Application Fixes (Maintenance, Improvement, Redesign)
•    Training Support (End User Training)

SAP Support Delivery

Support Process:

Clients report problems to I4ITSolutions via our CRM System, a telephone hotline, or e-mail, and all calls are logged in our central support database. Tickets are prioritized, addressed, and dispatched in order of criticality, and hours worked on each call are recorded in the support database. Monthly reports provide a complete call resolution audit trail, and regular reviews are conducted to assess satisfaction levels and plan for future requirements.
Remote Access:
SAP support is provided remotely from our certified support centers. We access clients’ SAP systems using high-speed, secure site-to-site VPN to create a remote link (connection). This connection enables us to view, diagnose and resolve problems encountered by clients on our screens.
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